Emozione 中細羊毛 (Mondial, Italy)

“Emozione” “sings” and you will be enchanted.
A fine candlewick boasting the characteristics of 100% wool, in which 3 colours are mixed together to create perfect shades; warm hues follow each other in succession to give the knitted garments an aura of unique warmth and softness.
Designed especially for knitting more or less textured shawls enriched with cut-work stitches, a single ball is needed to complete a project so the the development of the colous can be fully enjoyed.  The shaded effect is identical in all balls so the shades can be handled while avoiding repetitions.


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Emozione 段染 - 棒針三角披肩材料包 (自選顏色)
[ 材料包  ]     一綑剛好織一條, 簡簡單單好快做完. .      ..
HK$265 HK$255
Emozione 段染 - 棒針三角披肩  #753 橙 - 啡 [成品分享]
[ 成品分享  ]     一綑剛好織一條, 簡簡單單好快做完. .      ..
Emozione 段染 #753 橙 - 啡
  [ Emozione 段染 ]    “Emozione” “sings” and you will be..