Emozione 段染 #742 桃紅- 杏

品 牌︰ Mondial (Italy)
型 號︰ emozione_742
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[ Emozione 段染 ] 

“Emozione” “sings” and you will be enchanted.


A fine candlewick boasting the characteristics of 100% wool, in which 3 colours are mixed together to create perfect shades; warm hues follow each other in succession to give the knitted garments an aura of unique warmth and softness.


Designed especially for knitting more or less textured shawls enriched with cut-work stitches, a single ball is needed to complete a project so the the development of the colous can be fully enjoyed.  The shaded effect is identical in all balls so the shades can be handled while avoiding repetitions.

Content 成份: 100% merino fine 
Weight/ Length 重量/長度:150gm / 540m
Characteristics 特色: 段染, 可勾可織
Needle 棒針: 3.5 - 4 mm
Crochet hook 鉤針: 3 - 3.5mm (5/0 - 6/0)
Quantity reference 用量:
披肩 1綑 
女裝中 - 大碼背心 2綑
留意: 毛線顏色因顯示屏而與實物有差異。
Remarks: Because all monitors vary, actual yarn color may vary slightly from display samples.
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