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Yoko Lab






Thank you for visiting Yoko Lab's Website.

About Us

Yoko Lab provide various knitting and crocheting courses to organizations and individuals.  We have over 3,000 students since November 2004. 

We have hundreds of products including different kinds of hand knitting yarns, knitting books and accessories, which mainly come from Europe and Japan.

No matter you are young or old, male or female, we provide an open learning, discussive, relax and exchange atmosphere.  Our courses are taught in Cantonese.  If you need to be taught in English or Putunghua, please let us know, we will arrange for you.

We do not have a full English version of our website at the moment.  However, should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at craft@yokolab.com.


Knitting courses
Elementary Knitting (4 lessons, each lesson 1.5 hrs) - for beginner
Scarf / muffler / shawl / stole / hat Knitting (2 lessons, each lesson 1.5hrs)
Glove / mitten Knitting (3 lessons, each lesson 1.5hrs)
Vest / Cardigan Knitting (4 lessons, each lesson 1.5hrs) - for those have basic knitting skills
Pattern Drawing and stitches calculation - Japanese Style   (4 lessons, each 1.5hrs) for experienced knitter only

Crocheting courses
Elementary Crocheting (4 lessons, each lesson 1.5 hrs) - beginner welcome
Rose crocheting (4 lessons, each lesson 1.5 hrs) - beginner welcome
Amigurumi / Stuffed Toys (4 lessons, each lesson 1.5hrs) - beginner welcome

Scarf / muffler / shawl / stole / hat / glove / mitten / bag crocheting (2 lessons, each lesson 1.5hrs)
Vest / Cardigan crocheting (4 lessons, each lesson 1.5hrs) - for those have basic crochet skill


Yoko Lab

Rm 801, 8/F, Rise Commercial Building
5-11 Granville Circuit, Tsimshatsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

tel     852 3527 0275
     852-3527 0276


website  http://craft.yokolab.com

Facebook   http://www.facebook.com/yoko.lab
Facebook Fans Page  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Yoko-Lab/264157389227

Yahoo blog 
http://yokolabhk.blogspot.com/  (in English)

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(We are near to MTR Tsimshatsui Station B2 Exit / East Tsimshaitsui Station P3 Exit Chatham Road South or N2 Hanoi Road Exit)

Business Hours

Mon - Fri    13:00 - 20:30hrs
            12:00 - 18:00hrs
Sun & PH   Closed




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Yoko Lab
room 801, 8/f, rise commercial building, 5-11 granville circuit, tsimshatsui, kowloon, hong kong   
九龍尖沙咀嘉蘭圍 5-11號利時商業大廈8801
tel 電話 852-3527 0275   fax 傳真 852-3527 0276
     email  電郵 craft@yokolab.com    website  網址 http://craft.yokolab.com

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